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AceroDocs, the application that protects your files

Encrypt your documents

Protect your files with encryption and carry them safely on a pen drive or put them in Dropbox or other public clouds without fear of unauthorized access.

Access your encrypted documents from any device

You can access them from any device where you have the application.

Are you on a computer that doesn't have the application installed? Don't worry about it! You can access the web application with your login and decrypt your files by dragging them to the browser.

Securely share the document

You only have to manage their permissions and adding the email address of your recipients.

Share it as you want with them (email, Dropbox, pen drive...). They will not need to install the application and will not even have to create an account in AceroDocs.

Remote protection of your documents

Send short-lived documents as Snapchat does with photos.

Give it a lifetime or remove remote access whenever you want, even after you've sent it!

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