About us

We are a technology company created with the objetive of providing security by helping companies and professionals protect their information.

Our mission is to make users regain confidence in the internet and new information storage and distribution technologies, in a simple way that does not interrupt the operation of the business processes so that they can be developed in an agile and efficient way.


Why us?

The usability of AceroDocs makes the difficult easy.

Our team of professionals has worked to develop the only solution capable of combining encryption and IRM technology in an intuitive manner for the user.

Protecting information in a safe and effective way has never been easier. Complying with the European Union GDPR has never been faster. The ability to maintain control over our documents has never been more real.

These is possible with AceroDocs.

Why do we do what we do?

We are aware of risks companies may face. If you do not protect the information with which you work, you will never have control over it. AceroDocs allows you to protect your data securely and keep track of it.

Can you imagine yourself knowing the what, who, how and where people can access to your documents?

Information, when it leaks out to where you least expect it, causes a great impact.

Our distinguishing features


We are passionate about technology.


We have a relentless innovation spirit.


We are aware of the power of the data.


We look for simple solutions.