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Bio-Pharma Health

AceroDocs, is responsible for meeting the special security needs of information shared in this sector such as:

  1. Avoid the risk of accessibility of preliminary or conclusive clinical trials, result of many years of research and investment of specialist time, in cases of inadvertent data leakage.
  2. AceroDocs® is an additional tool to ensure compliance with the four basic principles in the treatment of health data:
    • Keep inaccessible data collection files, whenever possible by the interested party (although it is also a normal assumption in the health field to collect the data by the patient’s relatives, a circumstance discovered by law 41/2002).
    • Control of data on health by the interested party, that is, the realization of the fundamental right to data protection in the field of health, controlling and disposing of the data.
    • Saving demands and the cost of criminal trials, in case of non-compliance with the right to oppose the use of personal data, provided that the purpose of the use does not correspond to that of collection, as a cause of unnoticed escapes due to human error.
    • Justification of the use of personal data in the social projection of health.