AceroDocs, is responsible for meeting the special security needs of information shared in this sector such as:

  1. Achieve protection of all high-value sensitive information, that is generated from the consulting activity for your clients, such as different types of reports and regardless of the nature of these key documents (analytical, historical, operational, conclusive). It is important to distribute the documents with the best access guarantees, only to authorized persons.
  2. Save problems, AceroDocs allows you to avoid leakage of pertinent information increasingly elaborate and complete for decision making. Results of the analysis and the organization and coordination of collaborators: Analysts, engineers or scientists of high level.
  3. Being able to securely share report files, which require a lot of time investment and preparation of preliminary drafts, which are the result of: networks of experts and decision makers, in relation to companies, in relation to administration, but also in relation to the government and the State, in relation to universities and research centers, as well as other different actors linked to local economic and social development.