Ingeniería y manufactura

Engineering and manufacture

AceroDocs, is responsible for meeting the special security needs of information shared in this sector such as:

  1. Before making the decision to make a patent application, which usually involves costs of processing, maintenance, fees of a patent agent. With AceroDocs you can mitigate the risks of an unauthorized disclosure of the invention of probable casuistics such as: Actions against usurpers, uncertainty of the nature of the invention, any legal aspect etc.
  2. With AceroDocs it is possible to implement habits of good industrial behavior by systematizing the protection of the generated documentation, prior to the decision to patent the invention.
  3. Go one step ahead. Being able to control the access to plans of the manufacturing companies with custom of carrying a design to manufacturing process in the probable case that they undergo a computer attack of the fabricated plans of manufacture, not having to worry about the illegal use or sale to a competitor.
  4. AceroDocs continues protecting the confidentiality of documentation, shared with a patent agent for its analysis and evaluation or in case of extreme continuation with the Industrial Secrecy of the documentation if it distrusts that a Court, at the request of a party, can order the nullity of a patent If it is shown that it does not meet the legal requirements for granting the patent, and that there is no guarantee that the patented invention will meet those requirements for the final grant of a patent.
  5. If it is a manufacturing company can demonstrate the duty of preservation and maintenance of confidentiality of documentation provided by customers, which are usually Engineering companies.