Sensitive information leakage

Industries that will prevail during the 21st century cannot doubt facing this risk

The informationwhen it leaks outto where you least expect it,cause a big impact

The information, ...

  • Commercial secrets
  • Intellectual property
  • Contractual Agreements
  • Personal records of patients in a Hospital
  • Client credit cards
  • National Insurance Numbers

... when it leaks out...

  • Public clouds
  • Mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones or laptops
  • Enterprise or public mail servers

... to where you least expect it, ...

  • Competitors
  • Authority and Controllers
  • Intern users not allowed
  • Media and Press

... cause a big impact

  • Assets loss
  • Loss of trust given by customers for years
  • Company defamation
  • Reputation loss
  • Falls on stock markets
  • Business closure

Protected files in Dropbox, Google Drive, etc

If you use clouds from third parties, the documents will be protected from stranger access. You could use different cloud providers or physical repositories (server, USB, etc) but the protection will be centralized

Protection with remote access

If you share a document with a third party, you will be able to remove his access even after you have sent it

It doesn't matter how many copies of them there are and where they are because no one could open it from the moment you decide. You could choose an expiration date for the document.

Protect documents in any format

With Acerodocs you can encrypt files with any format type, including audio and video

For the office documents, you could also apply managing access permissions with remote protection, as known as DRM or IRM (Digital/Information Rights Management)

Easy access to protected files

Recipients will have easy access to your documents at any time in any device. In case they dont have the application installed they will be able to easily see it with the browser.

They will not even notice that the file is encrypted!

Your privacy and that of your partners is assured

Choose file permissions

Your keys remotely

Tu privacidad y la de tus partners está asegurada

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