Finanzas y Seguros

Finanace and insurance

AceroDocs, is responsible for meeting the special security needs of information shared in this sector such as:

  1. Manage the life cycle of the 3 types of sensitive information: Confidential, Non-Confidential and Secret. Tranquility in the loss or misplacement of mobile phones or tablets with sensitive documents. In addition, AceroDocs® helps you comply with the standards: Basel II, SOX, PCI-DSS, etc.
  2. Custody of the documentation of mergers and acquisitions of different mercantile companies only by whom they must accede in the necessary moment during this business process.
  3. Avoid uncontrolled propagation of investment reports with a high cost of analysis and research and which should only be read by VIP or PREMIUM clients.
  4. Send with guarantees to the authorized receivers of the information and the reports of the risks of the clients, be they companies or individuals, in the banking as in the insurance sector. Whether they are members of your organization or outsourced risk analysis partners, such as consultants.