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What kind of files can I encrypt?

With AceroDocs you can encrypt files of any type of format, including audio and video. For office documents (.pdf and .txt), you can also apply permissions with remote-protection management, known as DRM or IRM (Digital/Information Rights Management).

In general, a Premium user can encrypt any type of file and select who has access to it. But for the moment, a document viewer is only available for .pdf and .txt, which means that for the rest of the formats, the authorized receiver can extract the original file and protection will be lost. If you want to maintain protection on the destination, it is recommended to transform the document (Word, Excel, etc.) to PDF before sending it.

How can I authorize the access to my documents?

Thanks to the IRM technology, you can select who will have access to a document before sending it, in addition to establishing who can print, copy, edit, etc. This is possible thanks to the selective IRM: in the Control Panel you can specify the authorized recipients by entering their emails. These do not need to have the application installed or an account on AceroDocs to access the document, they simply have to authenticate themselves with a link that will be sent to their e-mail.

It is also possible to send a file without the need for authentication by the recipient. This is possible thanks to the open IRM. In the Control Panel, you can select «Any recipient» under the name of the file. If you now send the protected .acero(v) document to another person, he or she can open it with the application or via our web viewer at www.acerodocs.com/go.

I want to use different providers, such as cloud and some physical repositories, will the protection be guaranteed and centralized?

Yes. If you are using third-party clouds, documents will be protected from strange access. You can use different cloud or physical repositories, such as the server or the USB, and data protection will be fully centralized.

Can I remove the access to my documents after submitting them?

With the IRM of AceroDocs, this is possible. Whenever you share a document with viewer support (PDF and TXT) with a third party, you can remove their access without problem even after submitting it. No matter how many copies has and where they are, because nobody can open it from the moment that you decide to remove the access. In addition, you can choose an expiration date for the document.

If you want to keep this functionality for other file formats, convert them to PDF before sending them.

What are the advantages of IRM technology?

This technology allows you to access files from anywhere and device; It ensures that no one else will have access to your documents; the protection is remote; It allows you to remove access when you decide; you can maintain the domain of the rights of your documents; the protection is assured; It meets the RGPD in a fast, simple and effective way; the sending of the documents is secure; It reduces the damage impact in the case of a computer attack; it includes the latest technologies, which increases the confidence of customers; it reduces the impact in the case of incidents.

Which documents can be controlled by the access permissions with remote protection?

This action is only possible with .PDF and .TXT documents. AceroDocs generates a purple file with .acerov extension (Advanced encryption with remote protection). By clicking on them with double click, we see the contents of the original file in the native AceroDocs viewer.

The rest of the formats can be protected with basic encryption. You can also select selective access permissions on them. However, once the receiver accesses the document he or she can extract the original file because we do not have a proper viewer for them yet.

From which devices can the receiver access to my protected documents?

The receiver will be able to access the documents from a computer with any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) using the Web Viewer.

With mobile devices, you can also have access, but depending on the configuration of your device, it is possible that in some cases you will need to install the free application for IOS or Android.

When I protect files, are these stored in the cloud of AceroDocs?

AceroDocs never stores your documents on our server. We only store the document identifier (like a car number plate) and its associated permissions. This guarantees maximum privacy for the user.

This allows, for example, a judge to present a specific document and request its delivery confirmation. Thanks to our avant-garde technology we can confirm such delivery without having access to its contents ever.