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HR and Training

AceroDocs, is responsible for meeting the special security needs of information shared in this sector such as:

  1. Be able to avoid the plagiarism of information on the selection process tests through remote ON-LINE tests and exams, and prevent further propagation and unauthorized disclosure in blogs and internet forums on the selection of company staff.
  2. The HR department will be in compliance with the regulations (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliamentand of the Council of 27 April 2016, for personal data of the employees. For example: Custody with guarantees the selection of candidates for critical positions should check the criminal record and professional references.
  3. A lot of data related to the professional and personal life of employees. For this reason, AceroDocs helps the establishment of protocols for the collection of information, as well as its treatment and subsequent elimination are key in our daily work; Being the constant control and updating of these norms a priority and a critical process within the policies of HR management.
  4. Protect the company’s Know-How, take care of all the files related to: Training courses for employees, recruitment and selection of new staff members, management of employees leaving the Organization or implementation of internal regulations.
  5. Maintain the negotiation papers with the Trade Unions in a way that does not officially transcend those who should not be aware, and avoid wasting time and lengthening negotiations as a result of a leak of union members who often do not mantain the discretion requested in the negotiations of high sensitivity for the employees, undermining the morale and productivity of the staff in difficult cases as an ERE.